An hybrid spatiality born from the recovery of an abandoned site

FuGa-Officina dell'Architettura

Microutopia is born from an abandoned and decommissioned site, relegated to impoverished wealth. Microutopia is in part the artisanal laboratory it once was, conserving its form; its dentelated roof, its solid brick perimeter, its two cast iron columns supporting a strength that has past but not been forgotten. Microutopia is therefore recovery, rebirth, transformation, growth. Microutopia is a piece of the city, a small village, with streets, alleys, steps, stairs, public squares, gardens and houses. Microutopia is a village in which to live, work, play, relax, exhibit, experiment, meet. Microutopia is architecture no longer defined by closed boundaries, but by open filters. A hybrid space, a large laboratory. A place that is never complete but always permanent, without programmes and interchangeable in its parts.

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