Living ”flexible”

Gio Ponti

The house in Via Dezza represents the manifesto of Ponti’s idea of dwelling, in which he implemented a series of reflections and inventions matured and tested during the previous years. The house presents Ponti’s version of the free plan, that space for flexible and open living invoked from the earliest days of his career. The house was thus a large environment whose modernfold walls make it possible to join different spaces or subdivided others. The flexibility of the house in Via Dezza is first and foremost a visual flexibility, that permits the perception of the total dimension of the flat, which can be crossed by views, by light, by air. In the flat the traditional division between day-time/night-time spaces disappears and the main elevation, facing south, is defined in succession by the master bedroom, the living room, the dining room and the children’s bedrooms, all communicating with the exterior via the so-called furnished window, an entirely glazed wall that incorporates a series of furnishings. A determinant role in creating comfort is played by furnishings: self-illuminating pieces, the wall dashboard, wardrobes, the modernfold walls, lightweight solutions, all authentic inventions by this multifaceted architect who, during the course of his life, managed to create a dialogue between manufacturers and the know-how of craftsmen and to include the memory of tradition in the design of his furniture and furnishings. Even the main façade is “transformable” and adaptable to the desires of individual residents who could choose the design of the furnished window and the colour of the plaster to give the entire elevation a spontaneous dimension. What is instead surprising in this home is the absence of a roof garden and the presence of a balcony of such modest dimensions. The long cantilevered balconies, enclosed by a full-height cornice, serve in fact to define the elevation but are unable to configure a liveable outdoor space.

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