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476 – Italian review. Building atop the built

november-december 2020
In recent years the interpretation and rewriting of existing buildings has become the prevalent activity for a rather large group of architects operating within the panorama of Italian architecture, a typical expression and field of research, perhaps more laborious, but also more stimulating. This issue wants to investigate different fields of action tied to this way of working, to understand its strategies and languages, to discover its multiple and variegated expressions.

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475 – Urban metabolism and recycling practices

september-october 2020
The construction industry, as we know, produces the greatest damages to the environment in all of its phases: from the preparation of raw materials and components to the construction site to the use and operation of what is built. The projects selected for this issue present a vast range of situations in which the principles of recycling are applied not only to buildings, dilapidated areas or entire landscapes. They also demonstrate the ability to trigger virtuous processes of regeneration extended to the broader physical, social and economic context. Furthermore, this logic assigns the architect a determinant role in controlling the diverse phases.