458 – Regeneration and Urban Development in Hong Kong

november-december 2017
Constantly increasing, Hong Kong is the most vertical city on the planet with an astonishing and unique landscape. Its particularity is the result of, on the one hand, its physical and geographical conditions and, on the other, the meeting between two very different cultures. The projects selected in this issue reflect the Hong Kong’s new attention toward its history and culture and its interest toward the transformation and recovery of existing building stock.


457 – Morocco: architecture and city

september-october 2017
This issue, dedicated to contemporary architecture in Morocco, gives the opportunity to reflect on the theme of the relationship between architectural and urban tradition and contemporary languages. A thin red line connects the projects selected for this issue with traditional culture and its way of conceiving and inhabiting urban space.


456 – Themes and forms of living

july-august 2017
Starting from a selection of residential projects on an international scale, this issue proposes a broader reflection on contemporary models of living. Epochal changes raise questions about the meanings of the home in a “liquid” and multi-ethnic society, and how it can represent them in the contemporary city.


455 – Made in Italy 4: Rome Milan Turin

may-june 2017
This issue presents three Italian cities – Rome, Milan, Turin – illustrating the architectural results of a number of important projects against the backdrop of the transformation strategies implemented over the past twenty years. The aim is to examine the ample spectrum of positive changes and the state-of-the-art of Italian architecture in the early twenty-first century.


454 – Italian review 9

This ninth review of Italian architecture confirms a number of themes revealed in two of its predecessors (cf. n. 440  November-December 2014 and n. 450 July-August 2016). They can now be considered constants characterising the activities transforming the Peninsula. The themes of building substitution and infill, the expansion of the dialogue between old and new,…


453 – Africa: low-tech architectures

The projects presented in this issue of the magazine were not selected to illustrate the production of a continent as wide as it is geographically, culturally and socio-economically multifaceted, nor to assume a small group of examples as representative of an architectural trend in contemporary Africa. The idea was to stimulate a wider reflection on…