440 – Italian review 7

november-december 2014
The works selected for this issue confirm that the themes of infill, reuse, grafting and, more in general, the on-going confrontation with the existing, represent a way of working regarding which Italy has developed an original and constantly evolving approach. The projects selected in different geographic environments show the richness of subjects and areas of action


439 – Arcaeologies 2

september-october 2014
Influenced by the growing number of projects working with what exists, recent trends in architecture are manifesting a profound attention toward themes related to matter as the important product of history. Archaeology, comprised of layers, of excavations into the past, favours a kind of space where the principles of the void and the subtraction dominate.
The projects selected in this issue expand this field to include researches that propose the themes of the archaeological platform, of historic architecture, of grafts involving ancient and new fabrics, the reuse of military and industrial architecture.

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438 – Innesti – Sovrapposizioni – Estensioni 3

luglio-agosto 2014
In continuità con i precedenti n. 396 e n.403 della rivista, i progetti qui selezionati testimoniano la diffusione di pratiche progettuali basate sul principio della stratificazione dei contesti mediante innesti, addizioni, trasformazioni. Numerosi gli interventi illustrati, realizzati in tutta Europa, che vanno dal più tradizionale riuso di edifici esistenti alla sostituzione e al completamento di porzioni di tessuti urbani consolidati.

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437 – Marseille

may-june 2014
Today, the values and enormous potential for growth of the city are at the heart of large-scale transformations in which architecture, for its formal exhibitionism plays a leading role. This is evident in Marseille’s Euroméditerranée urban planning project, one of the largest public operations undertaken in France since the construction of La Défense in Paris.

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436 – Made in Italy 2

march-april 2014
This issue presents a selection of important projects realized in Italy over the past five years. Each project deals with fundamental subjects as the stop to the consumption of land, the requalification of the existing building stock, the transformation of peripheral areas into parts of the city, the integration between infrastructures and urban space


435 – Collective Housing in Belgium

January-february 2014
The examples of residential architecture presented in this issue testify to an inversion in urban planning policies in Belgium. The house is now at the centre of experiments with strategies and methods pursuing increased economic, social and environmental sustainability, and reducing land use by favouring projects that work with the existing and promote the formation of new communities.